1. One-Month Trial.
a. Before committing to study with me, I think it’s important to make sure there is a good relationship between teacher and student. I am not the best piano teacher for every student. Therefore, I will offer a one-month trial so we can see if it is a good fit. After one month, we will revisit how things are going and the student, the parent, or I can decide to continue or discontinue progress.
2. Practice and Preparation.
a. Practice is essential for progress. Students should plan to practice 5-6 days per week and roughly 15 minutes for each year of study. Ex: 1st year 15 minutes per day, 2nd year, 30 minutes per day etc.
b. When I arrive, the expectation is that the student has prepared and completed all assigned work. This is not demanding perfection, but ensures the best use of lesson time: refining, not practicing.
3. Payment.
a. Payment is due no later than the first lesson of the month via cash, credit or online through Square payment processing. Invoices will be sent via email the week before payment is due and may be payed any time up until the first lesson of the month. Prompt payment is most appreciated. Payment for other materials (method books, new music, etc.) is due upon receipt.
b. If payment is not received by the first lesson of the month, a $10 late fee will be added.
c. Rates may be subject to increase no more than once per calendar year
4. Cancellations/Missed Lessons.
a. 24 hours notice must be given for cancellations for the lesson to be credited.
b. Cancellations made the same day of lessons will be charged.
c. Should I cancel a lesson for illness or inclement weather, I will always credit/not charge for the lesson. I will provide as much advance notice as I am able.
d. Please provide advance notice for vacations and known absences.
e. Makeup lessons will be given at my discretion and are not guaranteed for missed/cancelled lessons
5. Exposure to Classical Music (Strongly encouraged, but not required).
a. Not just piano, but any exposure to classical music is recommended to expand horizons and help develop a (hopefully) lifelong appreciation of music. This is also a great opportunity to show students their potential should they be patient and disciplined in their musical study.
b. Numerous opportunities from the University of Iowa—all free admission. Piano Sundays, Wednesday night orchestra concerts etc.
6. Studio Space. Right now, I am only offering lessons in the student’s home. Should I get enough students I will likely rent studio space to maximize efficiency. Should this happen, I will communicate details as soon as possible.

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