Bon anniversaire, monsieur Dupont!

Gabriel Dupont was born on March 1, 1878. I’ve spoken extensively about his piano works, but his operas were also quite popular. Have a listen to his final opera, Antar. He never got to see it staged before his death, but audiences loved it when it finally premiered in 1921!

Dupont CD now available!

Dupont CD

My 2-CD release of Gabriel Dupont's piano music. Free shipping in U.S.


Hi everyone, my 2CD release of Gabriel Dupont’s piano music is now available. You can purchase or stream it from Amazon, or purchase from me directly, by visiting (I get the most money this way).  I worked so hard for this release and I’m quite proud of it. Enjoy!

Another Exciting Update!

Hi Everyone!

My Recording is finished and now I have the opportunity to release it on a label. So exciting! I could really use some help with fundraising thought. Anyone who donates $20 or more will get a free copy of my 2 CD recording of Gabriel Dupont’s piano music. Please consider donating and sharing with all your friends!

BTW, I’m graduating on Friday! I’m officially Dr. Ties!!